Bloodhound The Trail Tracker

Bloodhound The Trail Tracker

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How To Choose?

Choose the color based on terrain of your hunt, multiple color selection will be suitable for any situation. Observe your area of the hunt and base this with your color selection. With the bloodhound you will not lose another blood trail again, maximising your harvest plus filling your tag!


Benefits Of Bloodhound:

- 28 Ounce Size Spray Bottles

- Colored sprays to follow blood trails while tracking animals

- Bright colors for easy tracking that will last longer in the rain

- Enlarges a single drop of blood 4X the size with bright color

- Lasts 3X longer on any terrain compared to blood alone

- Our large bottles will last for multiple seasons (if used properly)


About Bloodhound:

Don't lose your game, let bloodhound track it in the snow, rain or sun. After guiding for 33 years I came up with the bloodhound spray mixture, this spray will take a drop of blood and enlarge it into a half dollar size colored spot in seconds. When the weather unleashes rain it will still show in bright colors and last longer then just blood alone. Bloodhound spray will ensure you have enough time to retrieve your harvest. Don't be caught in woods without the HOUND!!!