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Code Blue Deluxe Scent Drag

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Spread deer attractant quickly and effectively with the super-absorbent Code Blue Deluxe Deer Scent Drag. The drag rag is designed to soak up deer attractant without diluting or interfering with the scent. Using this scent dispenser is simple – just add your favorite deer attractant clip on the drag and walk to your deer hunting stand. Though the effort required is minimal the results will be impressive. The Deluxe Scent Drag makes it easy to lay down a potent scent trail that deer will readily follow.

The heavy duty detachable clip allows you to attach the scent drag to your belt for hands-free use. And you won't have to worry about the scent drag falling apart over rough terrain thanks to its rugged design and sturdy construction. Once you get to your deer hunting site hang the scent drag from a branch to get the deer attractant into the wind. The Deluxe Scent Drag is a scent dispenser that really works. It holds more deer attractant so your deer scent trail is more powerful.

Early Season Scent Drags
Deer hunters often hear of the success drag rags and scent trails can bring. Here's what Don Bell founder and spokesman for Code Blue has to say about the proper use of scent. During the early season saturate a 3-foot-long drag rag with Code Blue Urine and let it drag to your stand. When you arrive tie the rag to a tree limb about 3-feet off the ground.

Midseason Scent Drags
Try a two-drag-rag system during the midseason. Try a short drag rag saturated in Code Blue Estrous and a longer drag saturated in Code Blue Buck Urine. You're simulating a buck trailing a hot doe. Again when you arrive at your stand hang your drags nearby and hang a Tarsal Gland nearby.

Scents remain effective into the late season and with fewer hunters in the woods it's a great time to score on a big buck. With Code Blue Scents deer don't get conditioned to the scent because each bottle is from a different animal making Code Blue your go-to scent especially in the late season when bucks have seen and smelled plenty of hunters.