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Nose Jammer Cover Spray

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Take your game's keen sense of smell out of the equation with Nose Jammer® Field Spray. Nose Jammer's concentrated overload of vanillin and other natural organic compounds hides your body odor and other foreign smells you may bring to the hunt. A great tool for either stalking or stand hunting, this field spray works in any wind conditions. And because all of the compounds in its formula are common to North American woods, the Nose Jammer smell will not alert the animal or trigger any caution.

  • Take your game's sense of smell out of the equation
  • Concentrated formula of natural organic compounds - overpowers other scents
  • Compounds common to North American woods - will not bother game
  • Great for stalking or hunting out of the stand
  • Works in any wind conditions

Nose Jammer products feature Vanillin and other natural compounds found in a big game animal's natural habitat. By overloading or ''jamming'' your prey's sense of smell with this highly concentrated scent that is emitted from trees and plants, you will blend in like never before. Best of all, Nose Jammer products work without alarming animals to danger because they're used to smelling this familiar scent all throughout the forests and plains of North America. What's more, research shows that Vanillin actually has a calming effect on big game animals, giving you an extra advantage when pursuing them and keeping your hunting area fresher for future hunts. Odors that you carry or that are created while hunting will have a hard time fighting through 4 layers of Nose Jammer.