Rebel Magnum Pop-R
Rebel Magnum Pop-R

Rebel Magnum Pop-R

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The Rebel® Magnum Pop-R is the upsized version of the extremely popular Rebel Pop-R topwater popper, which has been smacking bass on the surface for three decades. This size specifically targets big fish, and features a dressed rear treble with hyper light-attracting strands of glitter filament for extra flash. In addition, the heavier size and profile provide greater casting distance and deliver more surface commotion. With lots of spit, pop, and chug, the Magnum Pop-R consistently provokes strong strikes from the fish in its path. Made in USA.

  • Upsized version of the popular Rebel Pop-R topwater
  • Specifically targeteted toward big fish
  • Dressed rear treble
  • Glitter filament for extra flash
  • Provides long casts and surface disturbance