Storm Arashi Glide Bait 19
Storm Arashi Glide Bait 19

Storm Arashi Glide Bait 19

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If you've ever wished for a glide lure that actually moved in a smooth, natural fashion, the STORM® Arashi® Glide Bait will be an eye-opener for you. Several years of testing and tweaking went into this bait, finally resulting in a totally realistic underwater presence: slightly cast-down head position, easily controllable 0.4-second/ft. sink rate, responsiveness to delicate rod tip movements, and a consistent, stable glide at any speed. Its forward progress charts an S-curve path, a seeking, meandering motion that game fish love to follow closely; snap the rod, though, and the Arashi executes a quick 180°, triggering the strike more often than not. Features triple hinge-pin construction for supple movements, plus swiveling hooks that neutralize the fish's leverage advantage during the fight. Includes a spare tail.

  • Smoothest, most natural looking glide bait yet
  • Totally realistic underwater presence
  • Maintains a slightly head-down position,
  • 0.4-second/ft. sink rate for easy depth control
  • Supremely responsive to rod tip movements
  • Consistent, stable glide at any speed
  • Swims in an S-curve path
  • Turns 180° on the snap, to trigger strikes
  • Triple hinge-pin construction
  • Swiveling hooks
  • Includes a spare tail