Strike King Pro Model 3XD
Strike King Pro Model 3XD
Strike King Pro Model 3XD

Strike King Pro Model 3XD

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It's easy to see why Strike King® Pro-Model® XD series crankbaits are so popular with the pros. These extra-deep diving crankbaits feature a unique curved bill and balance that creates a steep dive angle, allowing them to dive deeper and faster than most other deep diving hardbaits. This unique bill also allows the XDs to track well when making contact with the bottom. Every lure in the XD series also features a striking finishand free-floating rattle chambers that emit varying sound frequencies to inspire big strikes.


  • Fast, extra-deep diving crankbaits
  • Steep dive angle
  • Tracks well when hitting bottom
  • Strikingly realistic finishes
  • Free-floating rattle chambers


''This thing is amazing. When it gets down to its running depth it moves back and forth as it travels along. It looks like it's hunting or rooting or searching for something. It may be the most realistic action I've ever seen in a crankbait. They bite it like crazy.''


Kevin VanDam