Wildgame Wraith 18 Game Camera
Wildgame Wraith 18 Game Camera

Wildgame Wraith 18 Game Camera

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There's something haunting the woods. The Wraith™ 18 Lightsout™ features an impressive 40-piece illumination system to capture images and videos up to 65 feet out. Of course, game will be none the wiser since the blacked out infrared bulbs emit an invisible flash. Also contributing to the trail camera's concealment, Silent Shield™ Technology keeps camera operation quiet. Long-lasting battery life allows the Wraith 18 Lightsout trail cam to monitor your favorite hunting spot for up to a year.

  • Camera Unit
  • Adjustable Mounting Strap


  • Exposure control settings for improved clarity
  • HD photo and 720p video capabilities
  • Silent Shield™ technology keeps operation quiet
  • Remains unseen with Lightsout™ invisible infrared LED flash
  • Backlit LCD for easy viewing in low light
  • Energy efficient for long-term use